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What are my Dividend Goals?

As in anything else, I think it is primordial to have clear goals and objectives.

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For now, let’s say this is a transitional part in my life. Particularly, this year:


New lot. (and eventually house)

Change in professional context (for the better).

As such, my goals for the next 12-24 months will be somewhat broad, such as maximizing my RRSP and TFSA. In itself, this will be a hard feat. All the while, I will attempt to minimize (or at least not increase) my overall debt.

More specifically, in terms of DRIP/Compounding, I did setup specific goals. (At the end of each year I will write what amount was reached)

  • YEAR: $GOAL (equals $/Hr)(Actual amount reached)
  • 2017: $8,000 (0,91$/Hr)  (see latest dividend update)
  • 2018: $10,000 (1,14$/Hr)
  • 2019: $14,000 (1,60$/Hr)
  • 2020: $19,000 (2.17$/Hr)
  • 2021: $25,000 (2.85$/Hr)

Ambitious. Yes.

These goals will be revisited and edited once a year, at year end, taking into account the contributions I’ve made in said year.

Note that I like to indicate how much ($/hr) I earn passively, it’s just something I use to motivate myself from time to time 🙂






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  1. Great goals. Ambitious is the way to go. If you only set easy goals it would make you take your foot off the gas when you accomplish them. Difficult goals also feel better when accomplished.


    • Yeah, If I didn’t have massive plans to contribute significantly in the upcoming years I wouldn’t have made such a bold goal. The plan is to max out my RRSP and TFSA every year until then. As well as make significant contributions to my non-registered account, particularly in the 2020+ area. I’m talking easily doubling my current portfolio value (around 90K) and having the compounding take effect even more! 🙂


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