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August 2017 – Dividend Update

Another month in the books! Since I’m not expecting any more dividends in August (and a prolonged vacation is coming up), I’m releasing this update slightly before the actual end-of-month.

topAs mentioned in the July update, I now have a TFSA and an RRSP as the result of a transfer. Here are the dividends I have received in August 2017 from both of these accounts:


  • Financial 15 (FTN): $168.44
  • Enbridge Income Fund Holdings (ENF): $10.09
  • Park Lawn Corp (PLC): $19.91


  • Financial 15 (FTN): $439.95

Total: $638.39

Last year, in August 2016, I had received a total of $597.22, which represents a YoY increase of 6.9% (see graph).

Screenshot 2017-08-16 18.35.35.png

I’m up to $5050.59 for the year (see graph). So, I have $2949.41 left to go if I want to reach my 2017 goal of $8,000. In other words, $737.35 per month until the end-of-year. I expect September will be a >$700 month (my first, actually) but, I am confident this will not be enough.

Screenshot 2017-08-16 18.35.52


1- The newly acquired shares in Rogers Sugar Inc (RSI), Dream Global REIT (DRG.UN), and Savaria Corp (SIS) will pay dividends in the upcoming months.

2- I will try to find additional capital to purchase some more shares of Dream Global REIT (DRG.UN) and increase my position by about 40%. The reason being that I currently do not have enough to complete the DRIP cycle with a share purchase. With the monthly dividend, I will currently receive about 60% of the share price. (The REIT also offers a 4% DRIP discount, sweet!). I will unleash the compounding machine!

Anxious to hear about your month, guys!



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  1. Early on posting. Nice you are taking a vacation. I have mine next week so I may have to delay my results post a few extra days. Nice month. Glad you have already surpassed last years dividends. Keep that snowball rolling!

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  2. That’s a very strong showing for the month of August. Nice to see you managed a year over year gain as well. That’s what dividend investing is all about…. growing that passive income stream. Thanks for sharing.


    • I know haha! I have been working on diversification for a while now. Every contribution I make goes to a new position mostly. I’m leaving FTN as is, on the back burner (can’t even think of selling part of that position… oh sweet dividends)


  3. Awesome month! Congrats on $638.39 worth of dividends on 6.9% YOY growth!
    I like that you’re holding Enbridge Income Fund Holdings (ENF) too. One of the main stocks from my September report was ENB. Thanks for sharing! I’m looking forward to your September income report! Take care.


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