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Honeymoon is Done! No New House! Buying New Stocks! Active Times…

Just a little post to keep you guys up to date with the latest info, because a LOT has been going on!


Back from Vacation!

Wedding and Honeymoon are now behind me. Batteries are full. It’s time to get back to the grind!

If you read my August 2017 Dividend Update, you know that my plan was to increase my position in DRG.UN in order to be able to acquire a full share with every monthly DRIP cycle. I have done just that today and will collect the rewards in the upcoming months! The DRG.UN shares are held in my RRSP account.

Speaking of which, I have almost reached my RRSP contribution limit for the year. As stated in earlier posts, my RRSP is fairly new and was initiated on the basis of a large stock transfer from my TFSA. I should have a hefty return when the time comes, which I will reinvest straight into the RRSP.

Feeling like a financial Warrior!

Whenever I spend a significant amount of money (wedding + honeymoon), I always have a feeling my inner FIRE-seeking spirit animal is roaring! That rejuvenated drive and motivation, combined with the newly recharged batteries I mentioned are a great combo!

So, I decided to finally pull the trigger on a stock I have been watching for a few months, DOL (Dollorama Inc). The sector in general seemed appealing, although I usually shy away from anything Retail. The -0.07 Beta is also very attractive in a possibly overvalued market. They have been increasing their homeopathic quarterly dividend (under 0.5%) for 6 straight years now, which is always good. The payout ratio enables a continued growth and continued expansions and revenue growth are encouraging. The only downside (if there is one…) is my timing… I have been watching it for months and should have bought it before now. The earnings were released today (and they are amazing!), so the PPS also rose significantly as a result. This just goes to prove the point of spending TIME IN the market and not trying to TIME THE market. Live and learn. The position I initiated is small and I will continue to add during dips. The overall contribution to my dividend income is minimal since their dividend is only $0.11/Share/Quarter, but every penny counts!

Not getting a house after all!

Well well… My wife and I had recently put an offer on a new house. Inspection was done, estimates for repair costs was done, mortgage was ready, things were looking good. Until the seller fell through on the deal and broke our contract. Where does that leave us? Happy actually. Yep. Relieved. Money would have been tight (not too tight, but still uncomfortable). So, the wife and I discussed and opted for a house rental for a period of about 12 months when we move (which will be in about 10 months) in order to feel out the new scene (moving to a new town) and seek out a possible vacant lot. Said lot would eventually house our new home, built from the ground up, to our taste. That means better financial situation, lower stress, no compromise on our first home; all in exchange for a little time renting instead of owning. That’s an easy pill to swallow!

September should be a record breaker!

I have already received almost $40 in dividends so far. According to my estimates, September should see north of $700 in dividends, making it a record month for me! Stay tuned for the September update ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for taking the time to read about my intensely active (but exciting) times!

Hope all of you are doing well, please let me know what’s new in your life ๐Ÿ™‚



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5 thoughts on “Honeymoon is Done! No New House! Buying New Stocks! Active Times… Leave a comment

  1. Lot going on this month for you. Congrats on the honeymoon and all. Sucks about the house but maybe its for the best when it comes to finances. This will at least make it easier to come up with a budget before you make that next move. Nice buy, I see that it jumped up a lot today. Glad you got in on the price before it jumped as high as it did.

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    • Thanks for the read! Yes definitely busy in the past weeks. Absolutely right for the budget! It will leave a little time for the dust to settle instead of having everything happen all at once! I’m sad I didn’t get in before but I managed to snag the shares at 128, they are getting close to 140 now from what I can see. I’m not too concerned with the pps though, it’s a super long term play and I’d like to add to it in the coming years. I’m still weary of the retail aspect and keeping an eye on the likes of amazon and such… Thanks for taking the time to comment ๐Ÿ™‚


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