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Savaria Corp (TSX:SIS) BOOSTS Dividend!


Dividend Investors Rejoice!

On the 11th of of September 2017, Savaria Corp (FYI: Canadian company that focuses on helping the disabled/elderly gain mobility and have a better quality of life. In other words, they adapt homes, stairs, buildings, vehicles, etc.) announced a MASSIVE dividend increase from $0.26 to $0.36 (38.5%). The dividend was paid on a quarterly basis but will now be paid every month! The company feels very comfortable in projecting continued growth over the next years (and I feel the same way).

Find the source article here, with a word from the CEO.

The company is now yielding 2.77% at the current PPS of $13.00, and the first monthly dividend will be paid mid October.

This also means a 38.5% increase in my dividends, which translates to $61.46 more for a yearly total of $221.04. Every dollar counts towards reaching the yearly goals! This will make noticable difference in my DRIP Updates.

This remains one of my absolute favourite investments. They have been extremely active in the their acquisitions are generating significant cash flows!

Unfortunately, the company does not offer a DRIP. Oh well…

I just wanted to share this with you guys! Exciting! I’m obviously not the only one that’s excited about this, check out the market on the day after:

Screenshot 2017-09-12 18.05.28Screenshot 2017-09-12 18.05.21


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9 thoughts on “Savaria Corp (TSX:SIS) BOOSTS Dividend! Leave a comment

  1. Hi – nice site! As an interested Dividend Investor myself (in addition to finance / investing), I came across your site via J Money’s Directory.

    In regards to your recent post, I’m just curious if you see this as sustainable for this particular security. It’s quite impressive but it appears any company would be hard-pressed to maintain such a large percentage going forward (understood it’s $.09 though).

    Again, nice site and look forward to reviewing more!


    • I don’t think every increase will have 38% as a target, but rather that they were aiming for an even $0.03 baseline per month and might increase it by $0.005 intervals in the upcoming years. The payout ratio leaves plenty of room still for dividends and the cash flow is increasing like crazy too! They are very healthy financially. They also have some potentially big commercial contracts on the horizon. To be continued!


  2. It is at 14.01 at the moment. I’ll have to look into this one and see what caused the sudden drop last week – chew on the quarterly report a bit. Might be a good one for my son’s RESP as well as for myself.


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