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Concentrating on Cash Back!

Enough is enough.

Time to squeeze the lemon dry. Ever since I’ve changed to a Cash Back CC (see why I did the switch), I’ve noticed a lot of blogs such as the Dividend Diplomats (and others) put out ”Side Income” updates. It quickly became clear to me that opportunities were passing me by… I decided it was time try to find other ways to maximize the money that could potentially be returned to me. In other words, I’ll attempt to seek out free money opportunities.


For now, I will be concentrating on my CC and a newly discovered site called which gives you cash back on online purchases. (by the way, if you’re going to sign up, why not use my referral link, it would help me out a lot!).

Since discovering this site, I started making some of my regular purchases online through amazon. By purchasing things as the need is felt, I will now benefit from cash I would not have earned by buying it locally (as well as free delivery to my front door). As long as it’s cheaper this way, I will keep making my purchases this way and reinvesting whatever I get as cash back! The key though, is to only buy the things you actually would have bought anyways, and to always compare with the lowest available local prices. After all, increased cash back due to higher spending is still just that, EXTRA SPENDING!

Here are some examples of things (that can’t possibly go to waste and are a hastle to drag back from the store) I will probably be purchasing from Amazon:

Cleaning Products:


Home Supplies:

Personal Hygiene Products:

And more…


I will be posting monthly updates (much like I’m doing for my DRIP updates) of how I’m doing with each of these and will update this post as I add new ways to earn extra cash back! I’ve called this category of posts ‘Extra Income’ because my monthly updates will also include any income earned from a side gig such as my Youtube Channel, Affiliate links, and even this blog (assuming I ever make a penny with it!).

For now, the categories of extra income I have are divided as such:

  • Cash Back:
    • Credit Card
  • Social Media:
    • Youtube (Adsense)
    • Affiliate Links (
    • Blog (Adwords)

If you have any suggestions, please let me know. The first update will be posted early in October 2017.

Can’t wait to hear your ideas guys!



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  1. I’ve had good experience with Ebates. I bought a computer that had 10% cash back and got lots of money back! Also, Amazon now has Prime Now in some areas, which is great for same-day delivery. I don’t know if it’s available in Canada, but the Earny app can get you money back when the price drops on something post-purchase.


  2. Fidelity CC with 2% cash back. The card is linked to my Acorn account that gives 1% cash back when shopping at Walmart. The cash back gets directed into ETF stocks. So when I come home from work the dog food & other boxed goods are in a box at the front door ready to be brought into the house and I didn’t have to go back out thanks to free shipping. Plus 3% cash back for buying something I was going to buy anyway.
    Acorns have different deals with a different store’s. Walmart is only 1%. Groupon is 2% Nike is 5%. etc…
    Sell off long-term capital gains on ETF and buy high dividend stock’s with Robinhood app without paying a fee. (Shameless Plug) (Shameless Plug)
    This is all possible thanks to your video’s on how to pick stocks!

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  3. I supposed to be receiving $45 on 3% from our recent online purchase. We bought a nice set from Le Creuset linked through the other day. This set will last our entire life and will be passed down to my son. No more buying piece by piece elsewhere and having to replace them due to product wear down. Quality is sometimes important.


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