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October 2017 – Dividend Update

I thought last month was a crazy one… I was wrong. This is the beauty of DGI, it just doesn’t stop growing! This month is ANOTHER RECORD BREAKER!! Let’s take a look at the dividends I’ve received in October 2017 from both my investing accounts:


  • Financial 15 (FTN): $172.21
  • Savaria Corp (SIS): $16.32
  • Telus Corp (T): $26.60
  • Park Lawn Corp (PLC): $19.99
  • Enbridge Income Fund Holdings (ENF): $10.09


  • Financial 15 (FTN): $445.10
  • Savaria Corp (SIS): $2.10
  • Dream Global REIT (DRG.UN): $17.20
  • Rogers Sugar Inc (RSI): $15.39

Total: $725.00 (NEW RECORD!)


Last year, in October 2016, I received a total of $638.01, which represents a YoY increase of 13,6% (see graph).

Screenshot 2017-10-29 07.45.26

I’m up to $6,497.78 for the YEAR (see graph). So, I have $1,502.22 left to go if I want to reach my 2017 goal of $8,000. In other words, $751.11 per month until the end-of-year. I expect October will be my best month of the year, particularly with the unloading of a few FTN shares recently, so it’s unlikely that I will actually reach my 2017 goal.

Screenshot 2017-10-29 07.45.45


1- The newly acquired shares of Sienna Senior Living (SIA) and Enbridge Income Holding Fund (ENF) will start to pay their monthly dividends soon.

2- I’m trying to generate additional capital to purchase some more long-term DGI stocks. I’ve taken some drastic means of doing so, as you can see here. Let’s hope it pays off…

3- The next 2 months are unlikely to yield $750 each as I’ve dug slightly into my FTN positions to diversify and strengthen some of my existing positions. This is part of a long term plan and will make the short term numbers suffer a bit. Still, I’m not as interested in seeing MoM increases as I am seeing YoY increases.

While I won’t meet my 2017 goal (but will come damn close to it!), my other goals (2018 and after) remain unchanged.

Anxious to hear about your month, guys! Hope you all had a blast at Fincon!



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