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November 2017 – Dividend Update


Another one bites the dust! I’ve been making a lot of changes in the past months so let’s see exactly how that affected my dividend performance. Here are the dividends I’ve received in November 2017 from both of my investing accounts:


  • Financial 15 (FTN): $174.22
  • Savaria Corp (SIS): $16.56
  • Park Lawn Corp (PLC): $20.03
  • Enbridge Income Fund Holdings (ENF): $10.09
  • Sienna Senior Living Corp (SIA): $2.85


  • Financial 15 (FTN): $406.51
  • Savaria Corp (SIS): $2.10
  • Dollorama Inc (DOL): $0.55
  • Enbridge Income Fund Holdings (ENF): $9.07
  • Dream Global REIT (DRG.UN): $17.87
  • Metro Inc (MRU): $1.95

Total: $661.80

Last year, in November 2016, I had received a total of $670.78, which represents a YoY decrease of 1.3% (see graph). All in all fairly steady. This is the first month to not see a YoY increase in 2017. Let’s hope it stays that way…

Screenshot 2017-12-05 14.41.16.png

I’m up to $7,159.58 for the YEAR (see graph). So, I have $840.42 left to go if I want to reach my 2017 goal of $8,000. With only December left, I think I will fall short by less than $200 meaning I will have reached at least 97.5% of my goal. Shaping up to be a successful year in my opinion.

Screenshot 2017-12-05 14.40.42.png


1- The value plays I have been doing will serve to increase the dividend stocks and boost my 2018 income. My goal remains $10,000 for 2018 and If I use my actual portfolio and project it 12 months forward, I should get about $8,200 excluding any compounding, new contributions (such as the ones that will come from the said value plays), and the BLX shares that I will repurchase.

2- The next few months will be focused mainly on balancing my portfolio, particularly the smaller Canadian positions in my TFSA.

3- For my RRSP, the goal will be to increase my exposure to US stocks. Preferably blue chip stocks and preferably before the Canadian dollar drops too much.

Let’s see those numbers!



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13 thoughts on “November 2017 – Dividend Update Leave a comment

  1. Still not a bad month at all. Lots of dividends collected and reinvested even if there was a decrease. Everyone gets one a year, I had mine a few months ago. Just keep pushing forward. Almost at the yearly mark. So close with only a few percent to go. Looking forward to seeing what 2018 brings you!

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  2. Nice income. A little lower? Dam still crushed my month. Haha. Its better to set goals high and miss than not set them at all. Lets see what december brings ya!

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  3. Short, but good update again! Can you explain why the YoY was lower? Did the companies change the dividend amount or did you change something in your portfolio?

    Good luck in the coming month! Looking forward to 2018 to see if you are able to achieve the 10k dividends! 🙂

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    • Thanks! Actually I redistributed some of my FTN shares (paying a whopping Yield on Cost of about 18%) to other dividends positions in my portfolio because I was making 90% of my dividend income from a single position and wanted to average out. The decrease is minimal in the end and shouldn’t slow me down too much in the long run.

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  4. It is a bummer that your income decreased this month. However, these are still some stellar results. I’m sure you are going to knock your goal out of the park with one more strong month to end the year. Keep focused and pushing forward.


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  5. Even though there was a slight decrease year over year, you still managed a very solid income dollar wise. Definitely some interesting names paying you for the month that I have not seen in other portfolios online. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Hey I just came across your site. I have a question about ftn. Did they skip a dividend in November 2017? I’m looking on morning star and don’t see a pay day for that month only 11 for the year.

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    • Hey, thanks for reading and commenting. I suggest you use the Quadravest website for info regarding FTN (it’s their own website). They have regularly paid a dividend since Jan 2013, including november 🙂 maybe the morningstar website just hasn’t been updated. Cheers!


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