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The 2017 Report, Rounding Up 5 Years as an Investor.

As you have probably seen In my latest post, my dividend goal was ALMOST met. Enough so, I consider 2017 a huge success. This year marks the fifth year I’ve spent investing. Learning many things along the way, making mistakes and having some success, I can definitely say that investing was the best decision I have ever made.

*Definitions: Contributions will be defined as any amount of money that comes from outside these accounts and is deposited INTO these accounts. Transfers from one account to another will be disregarded as these are intra-portfolio and don’t affect the overall growth or value. Growth % will be defined as (Dividend Growth + Value Growth) / (Initial Portfolio Value + Contributions).*

Let’s round-up this half-decade and see exactly what 2017 brought me. If you want to have a look at my 2013-2016 Report, you can find it here.

2017 Report

  • Initial Portfolio Value (Dec 31st 2016): $65,384.12
  • Contributions: $13,095.00
  • Dividend Growth: $7,779.16
  • Value Growth: $18,346.34
  • Final Portfolio Value (Dec 31st 2017): $104,604.62
  • 2017 Growth: 33.3%

During 2017, I decided to open my first ever RRSP (401k equivalent). I’ve managed to make some significant contributions and saw some serious dividend growth! I know 2017 was a good year all around market-wise and personally, it represents my 2nd best year in terms of performance. Second only to 2016, which saw >50% growth.

Considering the huge growth seen it 2017, it was relatively uneventful in terms of sales. The highlights for sales would have to be TSLA (sold at +25%), PIP (sold at +60% including special dividend), and WEED (sold at +94%). I did sell CNZ at a loss for a small sum at -50%. Strong positions that I still hold include FTN (+18% with dividends), SIS (+55%), PLC (+37%), FAT (+100%), DOL (+23%), DRG.UN (+11%), ATD.B (+11%), T (+11%), IME (+21%). The only weak stocks I currently hold are ENF (-10.5%), RSI (-5%), MRU (-5%), OHI (-5%).

I did focus a lot on acquisitions, doing many deep dives into the company’s balance sheets and much DD. I sold about 20% of my shares in FTN (current Yield on Cost of 17.3%!) in order to increase my diversification. I took advantage of a 5% increase in FTN share price for this sale, which made it slightly less heart-breaking. This made the last 2 months of 2017 suffer slightly in terms of dividends, but this is a short-term sacrifice for a long-term gain.

Lessons: A wave of wisdom washed over me in 2016, and it obviously carried over to 2017. I believe I was able to better identify many strong long-term plays and will keep adding to them as prices dip through the years. I learned that I was more risk tolerant than I thought, making a few high-risk value plays at the end of the year that seem to be paying off. These high risk plays are something I might further explore in 2018, in parallel with my dividend goals. Strong value plays now could dramatically improve my long-term dividend growth performance.

Penny Stocks Update: My FAT position increased by 100%, from $0.405 to $0.81 in just over 2 months. My other stock, IME is up from $0.19 to $0.23 in roughly the same time, a 21% increase. Results from the first human trial are expected within 3-4 months for IME, which should be a huge catalyst. To be continued…

The First 5 Years

In summary, here is my performance for the 5 first years as an investor.

  • Initial Portfolio Value (Dec 31st 2012): $0
  • Contributions: $56,695.27
  • Dividend Growth: $13,568.31
  • Value Growth: $34,341.04
  • Final Portfolio Value (Dec 31st 2017): $104,604.62
  • 2013-2017 Growth: 84.5%

Not bad! I’ve nearly doubled every $ I’ve contributed to date. Let’s make this a goal for next year.


Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 3.52.05 PM.png

That’s a lovely graph if I’ve ever seen one! Surpassing 100k feels amazing and I can’t wait to hit 250k, 500k, and eventually 1M. What a journey it has been so far, rich in knowledge, lessons, hope, excitement, even deceptions.

Thank you all for taking the time to read and for your implication in my financial adventures, either directly or indirectly.



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  1. Impressive results! I really like the summary ‘…rich in knowledge, lessons…’. I think this is the one best thing when starting investing early. You learn very much at the beginning, even if you fail from time to time these lessons will help you long-term and you have a whole lifetime to recover from losses. I am quite sure that you will reach even 1M easily and I am curious how these high-risk value plays turn out.

    Good luck for 2018!

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