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March 2018 – Dividend Update

The least I can say is that March 2018 has been absolutely crazy. I’ve contributed a total of $11,200!! Let’s take a look! Here are the dividends I’ve received in March 2018 from both of my investing accounts:


  • Financial 15 (FTN): $182.64
  • Savaria Corp (SIS): $16.56
  • Enbridge Income Fund Holdings (ENF): $11.86
  • Park Lawn Corp (PLC): $24.97
  • Sienna Senior Living (SIA): $7.13
  • Saputo Inc (SAP): $9.44
  • Medical Facilities Corp (DR): $18.75


  • Financial 15 (FTN): $361.26
  • Savaria Corp (SIS): $2.10
  • Enbridge Income Fund Holdings (ENF): $9.98
  • Dream Global REIT (DRG.UN): $19.60
  • Realty Income (O): $12.41
  • Metro Inc (MRU): $2.16
  • Unilever PLC (UL): $11.26
  • Old Republic Intl Corp (ORI): $7.53

Total: $697.65


Last year, in March 2017, I had received a total of $627.75, which represents a YoY increase of 11.1% (see graph).

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 3.53.36 PM.png

This month brings me up to $2,147.76 in total annual dividends, which means I still have about $7,850 to go if I want to reach my goal of $10,000 by the end of the year. It sure looks like I’ll be playing catch up for most of the year but I’m really concentrating on my annual forward dividend goal, and not so much on the actual amount received during the year.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 3.51.48 PM.png





  • Medical Facilities (DR) – 120 shares
  • Enbridge Income Fund Holdings (ENF) – 35 shares
  • Alimentation Couche-Tard (ATD.B) – 17 shares
  • Sienna Senior Living (SIA) – 155 shares
  • Savaria Corp (SIS) – 112 shares
  • Park Lawn Corp (PLC) – 68 shares


  • Abbvie Inc (ABBV) – 8 shares

Extra Shares from DRIP:

  • FTN : 51 shares
  • DRG.UN: 1 share
  • DR: 1 share

Dividend Raises:

  • Realty Income (O): 0.23% ($0.219 monthly –> $0.2195 monthly)

Forward Annual Dividend:

My current annual forward dividend total is $9,386.19

I’ve been pushing pretty hard as of lately and that’s mostly due to the huge tax return I’ll be getting. Let’s just say I’ve been investing it preemptively. I’ve increased my annual dividend total by about $400 this month alone. Sure, it won’t be the case every month but I’ll take it whenever I can!

2018 Plan / Update:

1- Initiate more positions and gain exposure to new US positions. I’ve added to ABBV on the drop and most likely will continue to do this if it drops further.

2- Max out my TFSA and RRSP. I have about $28k left in my TFSA (I did a huge transfer from TFSA to RRSP in 2017) and about $11k left in my RRSP. Believe it or not, I do plan to accomplish this by the end of 2018. Mark my words.

3- Re-organize my US and Canadian positions. I did this with MRU and ATD.B last month and will probably keep doing it as the year progresses. I’m not going to push things too much. If I see a great opportunity, then I’ll take it.

Let me hear about your month! Comment below with a link 🙂

As always, thank you so much for reading these updates!


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17 thoughts on “March 2018 – Dividend Update Leave a comment

  1. Congrats on the excellent month. 11 percent dividend increase in one year is outstanding.

    I have been looking at ABBV for awhile, but it has been too expensive. Now that it is more fairly valued, it is on my shortlist for when I get more capital to invest.

    I’m looking forward to your next update. Happy investing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good stuff man! That cash is going to help you reach your goal for sure. Btw, were do you suggest I go on your blog to read more about the companies you buy? Also, any thoughts about the big bear case in canada which is the crazy housing prices? How is inflation and the general economy (maybe mostly interested in knowing the debt). Hope you bother to answer, anyhow, keep at it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not paying too much attention to it honestly. If the whole canadian market goes very bearish and lags in relation to the intl market, then i’ll buy more 😉 Sure, the debt is increasing constantly and I also believe the per capita debt also is increasing quickly. The canadian market is slightly laggy already but like I said I’m not at all concerned about it


      • I see. Well, while I get what you’re saying, I’m always afraid of debt. Especially for companies I don’t know that much. Short-term debt is fucking scary and even long-term debt if future growth declines or stops. It’s also interesting to get an idea if consumers are spending money they don’t have. Anyhow, I do agree that buying say canadian etf or index would be great anyway. It’s just the isolated exposure I’m scared of.


  3. Hi DI,

    man, what a great month! I also focus on annual forward dividend instead of paid dividends as I think that’s the better mindset. Otherwise, late in the year, you will look for companies that pay the dividends late in the year to increase your yearly paid dividends. But you should search for great companies that are low priced and not purchase companies because they’ll pay their dividends at a certain time. So good job on that.

    But please let me know…how are you able to contribute a 5-figure value in a single month? And another question, what’s your normal contribution/month?

    Best wishes from Germany!
    Sir Budget

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi there!
      My contributions tend to be around 1k/month. In 2013 it was 7k, 2014 10.5k, 2015 11.1k, 2016 14.9k, 2017 13k.
      I did get an increase in salary throughout the year. This year is particular since I did get the most increase in salary yet and so I took advantage of a huge transfer from my TFSA to my RRSP (about 42k). This gave me a huge (!!) tax return, of which >80% was put directly in investments. Hence, the huge march contribution 🙂 I don’t really plan on contributing much for the rest of the year until about October and November, when my salary gets a huge hike (for good). After that point I’ll probably be contributing around 25-30k per year and maybe even some extra in a Non-registered account. I’ll stay quiet until then because I have to move, starting a business, buying a lot, building a house, kid on the way etc… busy time in my life at the moment!
      Thanks for reading!


  4. What a great month! Man, oh man. I love the fact htat you made so many purchase as well because that is going to fuel your dividend growth rate for the months and years to come. With your goals, you are just going to crush it in 2018!


    Liked by 1 person

  5. Nice di. Great growth and a massive payout. All those purchases will surely increase your dividends.

    Curious I keep debating adding dr. What sector is it exactly. I keep finding mixed info Healthcare or real estate?

    Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow, those numbers are amazing. I’m unfamiliair with most stocks. It’s always nice to see someone invest in other stocks achieving the same goals as we set. Truly inspiring. Good luck with investing!

    Liked by 1 person

      • I just started my blog. So it’s still under cinstruction here and there. It’s so cool to write about DGI and progress. The coming days I will be posting my first month of dividend income online. I’ve been investing in dividend growth stocks for three years now and really like to share my views with the divididend investing community. Good luck!


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