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2018 Report

Gather ’round folks! Let’s dive into it. But, first off, some definitions…

*Definitions: Contributions will be defined as any amount of money that comes from outside these accounts and is deposited INTO these accounts. Transfers from one account to another will be disregarded as these are intra-portfolio and don’t affect the overall growth or value. Growth % will be defined as (Dividend Growth + Value Growth) / (Initial Portfolio Value + Contributions).*

2018 Report

  • Initial Portfolio Value (Dec 31st 2017): $104,604.62
  • Contributions: $34,590.00
  • Dividend Growth: $9,407.08
  • Value Growth: -($31,564.52)
  • Final Portfolio Value (Dec 31st 2018): $117,037.18
  • 2018 Growth: -15.92%

I sure did contribute quite a bit! But unfortunately, these contributions were offset by a significant decrease in value.

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 1.56.32 PM.png

This massive drop in value results mostly from my overweight position in FTN. FTN maintained a share price of $8-10 for most of the year but decreased to a low of $3.60 in 2018’s last month! Explaining most of my losses in value. I haven’t sold any during the drop (but did sell a little bit just before) and it now has risen back up to around $8 per share (at the moment of writing this).

Otherwise, 2018 was only mildly eventful. I sold off my ENF, MRU and DOL positions while adding to my core SIS and PLC positions. I made roughly $3,000 on those sales, combined.

My best performing stocks were O and OHI. My worst performing stocks were FAT, FTN, and IME. Appropriately, there are the riskiest of all my stocks.

Throughout the year I sold a total of 1,000 shares of FTN when the price was optimal (around 30% of my position). I think this is a good longterm decision and make my portfolio less risky overall. Sure I’m losing significant pesos, but I will thank myself for it in the long run.

I’m now sitting at a cool $23,044.48 in total dividends received so far in my investing career.

Penny Stocks Update:

  • FAT position average price: $0.2796.
  • FAT actual price: $0.12
  • IME position average price: $0.1642
  • IME actual price: $0.11

I will keep adding over time, mostly to IME which I think has the most potential. Lesson (FAT): Don’t go chasing waterfalls.

Thanks for reading!






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