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November 2019 – Dividend Update

Here are the dividends I’ve received in November 2019:


  • Savaria Corp (SIS): $60.48
  • Financial 15 (FTN): $161.52
  • Park Lawn Corp (PLC): $30.63
  • Sienna Senior Living (SIA): $39.70
  • European Residential REIT (ERE.UN): $23.58
  • Medical Facilities Corp (DR): $48.19


  • Verizon (VZ): $13.71
  • TransAlta (RNW): $19.82
  • Savaria Corp (SIS): $2.68
  • Financial 15 (FTN): $393.44
  • Abbvie (ABBV): $111.50
  • O Realty (O): $13.18
  • Medical Facilities Corp (DR): $38.25
  • Omega Healthcare (OHI): $127.26

Total: $1,060.36

Last year, in November 2018, I had received a total of $783.07, which represents a YoY increase of 35%.

Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 6.46.15 AM.png

This month brings me up to $10,478.55 in total annual dividends.

Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 6.45.51 AM.png



  • OHI: Sold 144 Shares at $42.03
  • DR: Sold 408 Shares at $6.30


  • DR: Sold 514 Shares at $6.30



  • FR: Bought 305 Shares at $13.35
  • NRZ: Bought 150 Shares at $16.11


  • EIF: Bought 87 Shares at $41.20

Extra Shares from DRIP:

  • FTN: 79 Shares
  • RNW: 1 Share
  • DR: 16 Shares
  • SIA: 2 Shares
  • ERE.UN: 5 Shares
  • PLC: 1 Share

Dividend Raises:

  • X: 6% increase from $0.62 to $0.66 per share per quarter
  • ABBV: 10.5% increase from $1.07 to $1.18 per share per quarter
  • T: 3.6% increase from $0.5625 to $0.5825$ per share per quarter

Forward Annual Dividend:

My current annual forward dividend total is $12,307.89

2019 goal: $13,000 (I had previously reached it but sold some bad positions)

2034 goal: $51,000

2019 Plan / Update:

My plan is to wait for the new years and then start thinking of my 2020 plan:

  • Contribute to my core positions (SIS, PLC, T)
  • Average down on some others where possible in case of a market correction.
  • Maybe add a 5% hedge position such as a precious metal mining company if Sh*t hasn’t hit the fan yet. Maybe First Majestic or other (Done! And already paying off..)
  • Keep a cash reserve of at least 5k in my RRSP (I’ve got 3k so far still in cash)


Let me hear about your month! Comment below with a link 🙂

As always, thank you so much for reading these updates!


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4 thoughts on “November 2019 – Dividend Update Leave a comment

  1. Great updates. You’re Dividend All-star Spreadsheets are amazing.
    I’ve been enjoying and learning a lot from your YouTube videos… (just retired and getting into Dividend Investing).
    Will you be producing any more videos, or are you just focusing on your Blog right now?
    Keep up the awesome work and good luck in 2020!


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