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Hey guys!

Welcome to my blog. To put this blog into context, I’m a 28 year old Canadian with a passion for wealth creation and an obsession with compounding! I also make video tutorials which you can find on my Youtube Channel. I carry a significant amount of debt, and I’m not scare of leveraging it if it means compounding more than the interest rate!

This blog will serve a way for anyone to follow along my Dividend Reinvesting adventures, as well as my Extra Income updates and my general train of thoughts when it comes to investing. This blog will hold me accountable for every decision – buy or sale –  that I make. If I can’t explain it and justify it here, maybe I should be reconsidering, right?

You can find my personal goals here!

All $ amounts posted will be in CDN and all the dividends received will be automatically reinvested into the paying stock, when available.

I look forward to exchanging with all of you, as I already do on my Twitter!